I remain in a self-imposed limbo
an exile of sorts.
4 1/2 classes until the degree is done.
Two year rolling payback contract.
Sure, I could bug out before then,
but then the bills, bills, bills
come rolling in.
Meanwhile opportunity rolls by
and by the time I'm ready to
join the real world, to do what
I think I'd love
I fear it will have all been
saturated by the up and comers
and I'll just be another johnny come lately.

Feb 8, 2000

Nita rhymes with Pita, and that's
just the half of it.

Actual update April 8, 2010

Ok, so I left my old hosting company in a huff.
But I had everything in asp (because that's what they supported)
and now Dreamhost (dreamy) only supports php (which I haven't played with
in like, YEARS. So, this is the site as it was in Y2K.
Retro, probably doesn't even work. But, if you can help
translate me back online, that'd be fab. Else, it'll have
to wait until I get an itch and have time to scratch.